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Eid Mubarak guuuuuuys! ♥

10:21 pm on July 27, 2014

Since Sanaya apparently confirmed this ‘new avatar’, I’m guessing rumours of Paro’s death are true, unless they’re introducing a doppelganger lol.
So here’s my 2 cents on it (from my fb): Main reason I dislike the idea of a leap in RR is because the story had reached a natural conclusion with the news of the baby or even before that - it should have ended, but now they’re basically copying the Pyar Ka Dard Hai Pankhuri-Ayesha track. Is this new character going to act as Paro to pacify a grieving Rudra like Ayesha did?! Just pretty nonsensical tbh.

heyyy :) do you still have the early qh episodes? I had to format my hard disk and I lost everything :'( would you consider an episode giveaway so that we can relive the ksg magic all over again?

I don’t have all the early epis, my collection probably begins properly around January 2013. As for a giveaway… idk, maybe when I have some time?

6:07 pm on July 25, 2014

Suggestions for a new theme anyone?

Edit: Found one, thanks rangdeeni13 :)

Apne hi rang mein mujhko rang de
Dheeme dheeme rang mein mujhko rang de
Saundhe saundhe rang mein mujhko rang de

Your account is just fabulous! Sorry for stalking, but I just love every single Asya 1.0 post.[rip]. Stay cool✌

Aww thank youuuuuu! ♥
You’re so sweet! & pssh, no one needs to apologise for stalking this blog - I’m just so glad you found it worth your time to stalk!
AsYa 1.0 were and still are very close to my heart. Love my bbs :’)

3:49 am on July 23, 2014

A quick snippet of my upcoming gifset! Downloaded off my fb so it’s probably LQ! Promise the full thing is HD :)

Anyone want some RR suhaag raat gifs?

EDIT: Will be posting some tonight :)

Guru & Aisha ~ Muskurane (VM)