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Re-Upload: Asad & Zoya | ‘If you were here beside me instead of in New York…’

Full VM index updated

Rudra cleaning haldi off Paro

Happy anniversary to AsYa’s Bol Na Halke Halke dance <3

Anonymous asked: LOVE your new Surbhi icon, she's such a doll!

Thank you! Indeed, she’s a beauty! I have so much love for her ♥

Anonymous asked: with you all the way, so going to give raqesh a chance. he's a really good actor and the best romantic. i've seen him in maryada, and he was awesome. with the development that asad's character has had, and the point at which karan left, i'm sure that raqesh will pull it off. cant wait to see him on screen again!

This is the first time I’m seeing Raqesh act! & yep, I’ve just written a mini review of him today :)

I watched Raqesh’s dhamakedaar entry & I see potential. Instinctively I imagined it would be Karan running through the flames, his soul-shattering scream of ‘Zoya’… I know that if that scene was with Karan I would’ve had goosebumps watching it. But I didn’t, and that is no criticism. Until we see Raqesh put his own stamp on Asad, actually BE Asad I obviously will not be able to ship AsYa 2.0 & will not feel that intensity.

I loved his expressions at the end, and I’m confident he will put his own stamp on the character. As good an Asad as KSG? Almost certainly not, as Karan identified with the role in a way no one else would be able to. But we will see different dimensions to Asad’s character with a fresh portrayal. I’m ready to see what Raqesh can bring to the role!

Please note, I have written this straight after watching various AsYa scenes, one of which being Mangalpur. I’m a bundle of feels right now & my heart actually hurts thinking of Karan as Asad.

Looks like more people are winning a coveted place in my ignore list.

New icon, dedicated to Surbhi for being an absolutely professional rock through all of this ♥

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Team give-Raqesh-a-chance.